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Security & Shading
The Protectaline range of security shutters provides a simple solution to shading and security.


An increasingly important aspect of modern home security. Protectaline is deigned to provide a physical barrier to entry and a strong visual deterrent when lowered yet its compact design is unobtrusive when open.


On sunny days partial lowering of the shutter offers temperature control through shading.


Protectaline is suitable for domestic and commercial windows and doorways. Classis and contemporary colours offer a sympathetic finish for any setting along with flexible control operation, easily tailored to suit your needs.
Security Shutter

The Right Solution
Controlling your shutters is made easy by a range of controls. Both wired and wireless versions make discrete positioning and convenience possible withthe minimum of work and idsruption during installation. Security Shutter


Motorized as Standard
Shutters are motor operated by a selection of simple "hold to run" controls which ensure safe operation at all times.


Security Shutter Security Shutter Two Security Levels
All shutters have an extruded anti-lever aluminium bottom lath. The Rolla44 shutter curtain is constructed from roll formed foam filled aluminium lath which is ideal for domestic shading and low security applications. The Xtra44 profile offers higher security with all extruded high strength aluminium laths to the shutter curtain.


Protectaline shutters employ 53mm guide channels in extruded aluminium with a box section for secure fixing to masonry. A 66mm profile is available for increased security applications.


Manual Override
Manual override for use in power failure mode with the option of a lockable cover. External version also availble.


Security Bar Systems
Security Shutter Attractive lattice, inherent strength
Protecting vulnerable doors and windows with collapsable security gates is an attractive alternative to shutters. Bi-parting or single leaf gates allow excellent light passage and on a summers day, allow ventilation whilst maintaining security.


Powder coated in white, the gates fold discretely behind drapes when open. The attractive lattice design is a strong and visible deterrent to intruders. The 2 point slam latch locking is operated by a quality cyliner lock and is protected by an anti-jemmy profile.


A lift up bottom track is available tp provide a clear threshold to patio doors when the gates are open.


A simple solution updated
Security Shutter Protectaline is a modern solution to permanent bars. Powder coated in white, the bars "free rotate" in the robust framing sections which makes hacksaw attack difficult. The 20mm bars are set in 125mm centres to provide maxiumum integrity with minimum light loss. Bar units are available up to 2500mm square and can run vertically or horizontally.